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Why Choose Us

At Core Fitness we don’t offer easy solutions or quick fixes. We believe that lasting results don’t come easy, and that any decision to change needs to maintained through hard work, and consistent effort. At the same time, we understand how difficult it can be to maintain that commitment when your dedication to eating right and exercising goes unrewarded.

Cutting-edge Equipment & Technical Expertise

We are here to ensure that all your blood, sweat, and tears pay off. When you work with us, you’re not just gaining access to cutting-edge equipment and technical expertise. You’re joining a community of mindful, compassionate fitness fanatics that are all passionate about seeing you succeed.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we want to help you go further. Whether you need a tailored diet that fits your lifestyle, a training routine that can push your performances to the next level, or focused counselling to help you move past your mental and emotional roadblocks; our comprehensive services are designed to empower and motivate every individual.

Nida is a london personal trainer and the owner of core fitness Personal Training, a health and fitness studio in the heart of northwest london. Specialising in injury prevention and weight-loss, Nida has made it her mission to help people get out of pain and stiffness and unlock their inner athlete. Her experience as a professional dancer showed her that a well-functioning body can overcome just about any obstacle. Nida takes a holistic approach when assisting others in weight loss and overall health goals by working closely with other professionals on her team and within her network. She is especially interested in empowering women to be fearless and independent on the gym floor. In her spare time, Nida enjoys creating unique challenging workout for herself where she can stimulate her mind and train her body.

Personal training studio

At its core, Core Fitness is a personal training studio that specialises in high-level fitness programs with focuses ranging from building strength, intense cardiovascular conditioning, and injury prevention.

Our core principle is that it takes a community to bring a person to their healthiest state, so we have brought on numerous experts from a variety of backgrounds to assist the client and their trainers in providing the most complete, 360° health approach possible. Every expert is sought out for their unique ability to serve a specific need for a client, whether it be for weight loss, improving energy levels, rehabilitating injuries, improving mobility, or optimising performance. We know from experience that no one can do it alone, so we strive to build the support that you need to get your health where you want it to be.

What Clients Can Expect at Our Personal Training Studio

Bespoke personal training

We combine a rigorous education in the latest in science-based training techniques with specialist expertise to design a custom-fitted program that can serve your unique health and fitness needs.

From diet, to exercise and psychological coaching we do it all.

Combat core

A completely unique bodyweight-based training regime centred on increasing your functional strength, explosive speed and flexibility through the hips and abdominals. Learn the kinaesthetic and physiological principles which allow combat athletes and elite gymnasts to gain such perfect control of their bodies.


Tighten and tone your body, as you learn some practical self-defence. Our kickboxing classes are designed to improve your technique and coordination, even as you melt away the calories.

From punches and kicks, to elbows knees, we’ll put all eight limbs to work for a truly butt-kicking exercise.


Our Klinics give you all the focused attention and accountability of a personal training session with social support and camaraderie of larger group classes.

Engaging, fun and always challenging our Klinics are truly the best of both worlds.

Kettlebell foundations

A full-body exercise that engages your arms, legs, core and back in a series of intense swinging motions, our Kettlebell foundation classes will bring huge gains in your strength, cardiovascular endurance and power. If you’re ready to swing for the fences, and work up a sweat in the process, then you’ve come to the right place!


You are what you eat, and that applies doubly when you’re committed to health and fitness.

From selecting and preparing food, to choosing meal that encourage weight loss, we bring a diverse understanding of nutritional systems together to design custom dietary plans for each client.

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