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Best Personal Trainer in Harrow

Srishti Das

Nida’s training sessions have been a great help towards getting me started on an active lifestyle and making real changes within myself. During the training with her I lost 13 kgs, something which I had thought impossible previously! Her sessions provide a versatile range of activities to tone up your entire body as well as help with any weight loss! I would definitely recommend her if you are looking to lose weight or get fit but are not sure of how to achieve that goal! Her help and guidance have reassured me that my body is not set in stone and that it is possible to not only change how I looked but my lifestyle as well!

Risha Patel

Hatch End , London

I started training with Nida a year ago, & have found myself in a much better place. I feel fitter, happier & healthier.. I always leave her training sessions feeling like I’ve had a proper work out. I definitely recommended training with Nida.


Northwood, London

I started training with Nida just a little over a year ago, and for once in my life I have kept up a routine which is frequently switched for motivation. Thank you Nida, for getting me into shape and helping me maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Anup Doshi

Northwood, London

When I asked Nida for some personal training sessions, I had done so because I’d seen her during one of her own training sessions. I noticed three things about her training approach – focus, intensity and speed! As a keen tennis player, it’s very important for me to ensure that my main muscle groups such as hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and those that support the lower back, are all kept strong and also flexible. Tennis involves several lateral movements and hence Nida devised a program of exercises that worked and strengthened all my muscle groups but also focused on those that we regularly refer to as “the core”. Like any good personal trainer each training session involves a warm up, as series of exercises, and a stretching and cool down session towards the end. Each training session is varied, and each exercise is carried out in a sequence of repetitions using either just the body or a combination of body & weights. The variations of the exercises keeps all the muscles guessing and hence working all the time. I do notice a significant improvement in my endurance on the tennis court during a match and my recovery time after a tennis game is now quicker!


Northwood, London

It’s been great training with you Nida. I think that you’re absolutely fantastic at what you do. I guess I’ve really enjoyed our sessions because there’s always something new we’re doing therefore it’s never boring. Your encouragement and sense of humour made it even more pleasurable. I’ve certainly built up my strength and shed those unwanted baby pounds. A big thank you. I look forward to our next sessions next week. Take care.

Yasmin Shah

Pinner, London

I have been training with Nida twice a week, and now feel the fittest I have ever been. She is an excellent trainer, who works you hard and keeps the work outs challenging, whilst making the session fun and highly enjoyable. Nida is likeable and friendly, yet maintains a professional manner, and is very knowledgeable in her expertise. Highly recommended.


Ruislip, London

Your focused and individual guidance on tailoring your training to specific needs shows results, combined with diet advice. Loved every session we have completed.


Northwood, London

My personal training sessions have always been very satisfactory. I have recommended you to a few people in the gym. I would rate the training as 10/10.


Northwood, London

Since beginning twice weekly PT sessions with you in mid December 2012, I am able to give you some feedback. I have appreciated your professional and knowledgeable approach and have consequently as new comer, felt more confidence to fully utilise all the facilities at the gym. I have felt that you have taken the time to listen to me and to develop a varied programme to support me to work towards my goal of losing more weight and increasing my fitness levels. I feel comfortable during the sessions and find you always to be friendly but focused on the session, so that I get as much out of the 30 mins as possible. I have always found you to be flexible around my work commitments which have varied each week. Over the weeks I feel you have developed my programme and continued to challenge me to try new things and work harder. I am feeling very encouraged by the results, which helps me feel the financial commitment is worthwhile!

I would highly recommend you as a PT, particularly for less confident women. I appreciate your support and am looking forward to reaching my goal in the coming months.

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