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About Us

Nida is a London-based personal trainer specializing in injury prevention and weight loss. She is also the owner and CEO of Core Fitness Personal Training, a Health and Fitness studio located in the heart of Northwest London.

Trained as a professional dancer from a young age, Nida quickly learned a well-functioning body allied with the right mindset could overcome just about any obstacle. Armed with this understanding, Nida has made it her personal mission to help people find their way free from pain and stiffness to unlock their inner athlete.

Driven by a commitment to learning, Nida has attained multiple training awards to round out her already impressive skillset. Alongside her QTF certifications in personal training and fitness instruction, Nida has added qualifications in sports nutrition, plyometrics training, Kettlebells, Cross Fit, HIIT, TRX Suspension, Boxercise, Spin and Emergency First Aid amongst others. She has also studied a wide range of dietary theories under some of the world’s foremost authorities in the field.

At Core Fitness Nida works closely with a community of professionals and specialists both at the facility and within her extensive network, to craft truly holistic strategies that can help her clients accomplish a variety of weight loss and overall health goals. She is especially interested in empowering women to be fearless and independent on the gym floor.

In her spare time, Nida enjoys creating unique challenging workouts for herself where she can stimulate her mind and train her body.

The Core Fitness Mission

While leading names in the health and fitness sphere might promise outsized results, often the sheer volume of trainers and clients at these facilities can leave you with less than impressive results. At Core Fitness, we want to bring the personal back to personal training.

Every single one of our client relationships begins with a clear, comprehensive fitness and nutrition strategy that details how we plan to get them from their current physical development to where they want to be. Of course, we can’t deliver on those results by ourselves, at every step along the way we will be challenging you to achieve more than you ever thought you could accomplish.

We understand that committing to a complete lifestyle change doesn’t come easy. So we want to make the process as fun and exciting for you as it is for us. We are constantly working with clients to create new training methods and fitness missions that can help them break free from physical plateaus and reignite their passion.

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