Your Personal Consultation & Discovery session is a great opportunity for you to visit the personal trainer in person and discuss your health and fitness goals and requirements.This will determine your unique personal nutrition exercise plan to get you started and will keep you well motivated during your weight loss journey.

With Determination and Heart , There is Nothing You can't Do , If You Have a Goal ,


To START Fresh    To EAT Right     To TRAIN Hard     To LIVE Healthy     To BE Proud


STRATEGY Our goal is to increase your balance and flexibility, whittle your core into a six-pack, or lose some serious pounds, all you need is a bit of portable TRX equipment and your own body weight. (And you thought those extra pounds were good for nothing!) The most basic TRX kit is a cord with two handles and a pole, tree, or alternative anchor to wrap it around.


CREATIVE Creative workout plans for your fitness.


TECHNICAL The aim of technical preparation is to create and improve sports skills. Each sports skill has a given way of solving a motor task (contents of a sports skill) in accordance with the rules of a given sport, biomechanical rules and locomotive possibilities of the athlete which are referred to as technique. Specific individual adjustment of technique by an athlete is referred to as style.

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My mission as a personal trainer is to educate my clients about exercise, diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Create lifelong changes and help them stay motivated and feel proud of themselves for making the change. Read More

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